The Business Times Budding Artists Fund 11th Anniversary

On 13th May 2016, the children division and the youth division of the Little Arts Academy collaborated to put up performances for the 11th anniversary of BT BAF (The Business Times Budding Artists Fund), which was held at 10Square Auditorium. The performances were multidisciplinary as they encompass singing and dancing.

The auditorium was bursting with cheers, exclamations and blasting music the moment Stylo Mylo dance group walked up the stage. Who wouldn’t be amazed at the skills of Stylo Mylo? These young children from the Little Arts Academy won the hearts of the crowd with their sharp, refined hip hop movements, from the way they swung their hips to the way they shook their heads. One couldn’t help moving his body along with these energetic, animated children.

In stark contrast to the Nu Style performance by Stylo Mylo, the house was brought to a complete silence when they heard the angelic voice of Hayati. To complement her sweet voice, Twinklers, our very own Ballet students, moved with the rhythm around Hayati, making it one of the most beautiful performances ever! This collaboration of the youth and the children division added a perfect note to the night when we commemorated the 11th anniversary of BT BAF.