2018: Rhythmic Patterns

See the world in Rhythmic Patterns through the eyes of young and talented budding artists from our advanced visual arts programme, Mini Monet.

The artworks reflect a unique perspective of the many hidden patterns that can be found in their surroundings. They are also an expression of how children see beauty in the ordinary. With their vivid imagination, they have created a new dimension filled with endless possibilities.  

Using creative patterns and vibrant colours, our young artists invite you to relook at what is conventional and make new discoveries with innovative ways of pattern recognition.

2017: Fun With Lines

Fun With Lines is an excursion into the children’s imaginative worlds and by extrapolation, a view into their hobbies, interests and greatest desires. From accidental paint splatters, to hidden shapes and energetic musical beats, these young visual art students have sought inspiration from everyday interactions that inspired them to put their imagination onto canvas. For the first time, this exhibition features the use of Augmented Reality (AR) infused into their art works. Step into a curious world of Fun With Lines and experience the blurred lines of reality and fiction!

2016: My Universe, My World

On 29 November 2016, the annual Mini Monet Visual Arts Exhibition was held at 10Square at Orchard Central, featuring art works by 10 of our young artists aged between 10 to 12 years old.

These young artists are under a year-long Mini Monet Arts Programme sponsored by the United Overseas Bank (UOB), where they will go through visual arts training at the Little Arts Academy. Over the course of the year, these students are then required to produce 2 to 3 pieces of artwork and their works are then featured after completion of the programme at the annual Mini Monet exhibition to celebrate their graduation.

2015: Adventures of A Mini Monet

Each year, a group of children-budding visual artists from The Little Arts Academy are selected to be a part of the Mini Monet Programme. Through their artwork, these children display their vivid imagination, rich creativity and the world as seen through their young eyes. More importantly, they show potential in being tomorrow’s leading artists and bringing communities together using their talent and passion for visual arts. The Mini Monet programme, an advanced level visual arts programme, seeks to provide greater support for talented young visual artists from financially disadvantaged families. United Overseas Bank (UOB) has been the sponsor for this programme since 2010. The Little Arts Academy is grateful to UOB for their steadfast support. In this year’s edition, the children shares what being a Mini Monet means to them…

2014: Imagination

Seventeen 2D artworks and eight 3D sculptures were showcased at the Mini Monet 2014 Exhibition  held at 10 square @ Orchard Central from 21 November to 25 November. Crafted and painted using various medium, these imaginative art pieces were the works of 10 children from the Mini Monet class, an advanced visual arts class supported by the United Overseas Bank (UOB). The theme of the artworks this year was Imagination.

The opening ceremony, attended by more than 30 guests comprising families, friends and supporters, was graced by Ms Tan Ping Ping, Vice President of the Group Brand Performance and Corporate Communications, United Overseas Bank.

Sponsored by UOB since 2010, the Mini Monet programme is an advanced level visual arts programme at The Little Arts Academy. UOB will be extending their sponsorship for another group of talented budding visual artists next year.

2013: The Bright and Bold

Nineteen Bright and Bold works graced the gallery at The Arts House from the 28 November to 2 December. The beautiful works were among the best creative expressions of 10 children from the Mini Monet class supported by the United Overseas Bank.

Done in a range of media, including Jumping Clay and Cloth, the artworks spoke of the numerous hours of hard work, patience, love and joy of these young artists and their supportive parents and family members.