About Us

Our Vision

The Little Arts Academy (LAA) aspires to be the leading arts academy for young people to develop their creative potential, interpersonal skills and values.

Our Mission

We hope to inspire and nurture young people to pursue the arts, regardless of their personal or financial circumstances.

Equal Opportunities to the Arts

We believe in helping young people to fulfill their creative potential. We work with government agencies, schools, charity organisations and not-for-profits to support children and youth from financially-disadvantaged families who are interested in the arts.

LAA is supported by The Business Times Budding Artists Fund, which provides financial assistance to help students in need so that they may have equal opportunity and access to the arts.

Performing Opportunities

Performing opportunities help students to build confidence, develop showmanship and foster their love and appreciation of the arts. LAA provides avenues for students to showcase their creative talents and abilities.

Giving back to Community

We seek to inspire the younger generation to serve the community. LAA organises and participates in local and overseas community events as our way of giving back.