Art of Play

Art of Play  |  Foundation  |  Arts Incubation @ 10 Square

Art of Play is a six-month introduction programme for children to explore the basics of dance, music, theatre and visual arts. This multidisciplinary curriculum places a strong emphasis on nurturing an interest for the arts and encouraging the children to explore and experiment. Trainers will assist students to discover their strengths and recommend key focus areas which they can follow up on in the Foundation programme upon completion of the Art of Play.

Desired Outcomes

1  Acquire basic skills in dance, music, theatre and visual arts
2  Gain awareness of strengths, talents and interests in the arts
3  Build courage and confidence to express oneself through any of the four arts genres
4  Develop interest in a particular arts genre to focus on in the Foundation programme




Children will learn basic body and dance moves that will see them hopping, turning and moving with confidence and style. They are introduced to movements through urban dance and are required to showcase a choreographed dance for a show and tell.


Children are introduced to two music instruments – guitar and keyboard. They will learn basic skills and notation of these instruments as well as simple note-reading, rhythms and beats. The children will also learn how to perform for a show and tell.


Children discover the magic of theatre which allows their imagination to take flight and come to life. They will learn how to create tableaux where they use their bodies frozen in various positions to tell stories. They will also be introduced to stage terms and scripting. This is an ideal beginner’s programme for dramatic theatre exploration and it culminates in a mini performance for a show and tell.

Visual Arts

The children will have fun exploring and experimenting with different art mediums and various art techniques to express their creativity. They will be introduced to the elements of art and principles of design through fun activities that enable them to think creatively and gain the confidence to express themselves through their artworks.