Student Testimonials

Nurhidayah Binte Mohammad Azman

Joined LAA from 2012 to 2016

“I feel very privileged to be able to pursue my musical passion without having to worry about the financial costs involved.

Through LAA, I have learned a lot such as music improvisation, arrangement and composition of original pieces. This is possible because of a very supportive teacher, Mr Amin. I can now play a range of instruments including the piano, guitar, drums, angklung and ukulele. The music foundation in LAA has enabled me to expand my knowledge of a wide of instruments and I hope this will help to fulfill my dream of becoming a composer in the future.”

Hidayah feels that her passion for music was reinforced as LAA provided her with a platform to acquire new skills and knowledge which she could apply to her musical endeavours. She aspires to pursue music on a higher level. In 2016, Hidayah performed for Singapore Rhapsodies at the National Gallery Singapore, a student concert series which features young aspiring musicians and has been involved in performances at public venues such as Paragon and Clementi Mall.

Melati Binte Jahari Binte Jahari

Joined LAA from 2012 to 2017

“I am proud of the skills which I have learnt here. I am happy that I am able to use my creativity to create different types of artworks.”

Melati Jahari joined LAA when she was eight. With exposure to the arts, she found her natural inclination for drawing. Since joining LAA, she has shown tremendous promise and potential in visual arts. Her fiery passion and talents have been demonstrated through her works. Melati’s drawings have been consistently selected for Citibank’s calendar from 2011 to 2017 and she has also exhibited at the premier financial services conference, Sibos. On her learning journey, Melati shares that her pursuit of the arts has helped to build her confidence.

Cylina Ho Kah Wai

Joined LAA from 2012 to 2018

“I choreographed a solo dance for LAA’s year-end production in 2015. It was fun and memorable to perform my own choreography!”

Cylina is extremely passionate about dance. Her dedication and talent is evident in the many awards that she has bagged. She won a distinction at the Singapore Youth Festival for Chinese dance in 2014. She also took on the challenge of dance choreography and created a solo dance performance for LAA’s year end production in 2015. Cylina is constantly trying to improve her dance skills and has been pursuing ballet grading exams accredited by the Royal Academy of Dance.

Dineaish Rajendran

Joined LAA from 2013 to 2017

“Ive found a family at LAA. LAA gave me the chance to study at my dream school and to pursue my dance passion further.”

Dineaish, a passionate and skilled performer from The Little arts Academy, he has had many achievements over the years and displayed world class performance through dance whenever he dances. Dineaish also had the privilege to showcase his talent, performing at ChildAid Asia 2016,  Indonesia, Jakarta. He also traveled to Vietnam with his dance group Sugar Rush Crew in 2016. He also participated in many dance competitions such as Danceworks 2017 and Blackout! 2017, that helped gained popularity in the dance scene in Singapore.