Santhiya d/o Subramaniam
Deputy Head, Arts & Community Development

Fernandez Leong
Assistant Manager, Arts & Community Development

Fernandez is a programme executive for 10 Square Youth, where she plans the curriculum and programmes. She hopes to help students kickstart their journey in the arts. What she likes best is knowing that she is able to help the students discover and reach their full creative potential. With a background in arts management and visual communication, she has a keen interest in traditional arts and new technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and coding, and how they can enhance 2D and 3D art forms. As an alumna of 10 Square Youth, Fernandez believes that the exploration of the arts has transformative qualities to equip the next generation in becoming problem solvers and curious thinkers.

Shazna Sim
Senior Executive, Arts & Community Development

Shazna began her journey as a 10 Square Youth Student in 2017. She was involved in various performances and roles. Her talents include acting, dancing, and stage & arts management. Following the first three months of training as a Theatre student, she was selected by the trainer and director to be part of the main cast and was sent to Shenzhen, China to perform. For her graduation project in December 2017, Shazna was tasked as a scriptwriter, production manager, and lead actress of Damai Lane part 2.

In 2018, Shazna was appointed president of the alumni group, The Middleground Productions. During her term as president, she wrote, managed, executed, and performed in a total of four alumni productions. In the same year, she returned to 10 Square Youth to help guide and mentor students on production & stage management. Overall, Shazna has worked on more than 15 productions between 2017 to 2019 with 10 Square Youth.

Proceeding the 1.5 years Shazna worked as a pre-school drama teacher, she returned to TRCL as a full-time staff member. She is known for her ability to relate and connect with youths, and it is this closeness which has proven to be very useful in building a good relationship with them. Her experience in various art forms and art management thus far has made this a delightful journey. She hopes to continue to inspire her peers through her hard work and determination.

Guru Simmar
Senior Executive, Arts & Community Development

Muhammad Raizan Bin Abdul Rahim
Executive, Arts & Community Development

Raizan brings over two decades of experience working with children, beginning his career as a full-time dance trainer and choreographer in tertiary institutions. It was then that he discovered his passion for nurturing young talent, frequently leading his teams to victory in competitions and securing opportunities for external performances to enrich their experience. Raizan’s belief in grooming the younger generation is fuelled by the inspiration and motivation he draws from them.

His extensive career has always revolved around children, where he has been instrumental in instilling significant values and insights. As a seasoned dancer with over twenty years of experience, Raizan has been actively involved in performances, projects, and competitions both locally and internationally. His passion for dance began in his youth and has seen him collaborate with international celebrities, gaining substantial knowledge along the way. Raizan has also conducted workshops for alumni and current students at Nanyang Polytechnic, where his classes and workshops are particularly well-received.

Dance serves as a source of relaxation and stress relief for Raizan, contributing positively to his mental health. Joining TRCL marked a significant turning point in his career, aligning his job responsibilities with his passion for managing and working with children and collaborating with a team that keeps him inspired. He values the opportunity to give back to the community and help others, which he finds immensely rewarding. Raizan is grateful for the chance to continue his career at a company that aligns so closely with his personal beliefs and values.

Atikah Purwatih binte Kambali
Admin Executive, Arts & Community Development

Atikah graduated with a Diploma in Mass Communications from INTI International College Subang. Atikah is a fervent advocate of the arts, with a strong passion for theatre, production, and religious values. She is credited for Diari Sahabat on TV3 and Halaqah Sentuhan Qalbu on TV9 in 2011. These shows were produced by Primeworks Studios Sdn. Bhd., and was a deep dive into the values expounded in Islam.

Building upon the arts and crafts covered by the kids in Diari Sahabat, she began her career as an assistant producer for Mediacorp, and was featured in several local television series and a Netflix show. These were, Farhana (2016), 你也可以是天使3 (2018), Forensik (Netflix 2020) and 你的世界我们懂 (2022).

A strong believer of giving back to the community, Atikah walks the talk as she joined TRCL to make a difference to more children and youths as a part of the Arts & Community Development team. A beacon of happiness and positivity, Atikah constantly looks out to help others in need.