Aminah Hussien
Head, The Little Arts Academy

“I have often been asked why I chose to work at The Little Arts Academy. Simply – it is the sense of satisfaction that comes with the knowledge that one has made a difference in someone’s life. I believe arts is a social leveler. I have seen how arts has brought positive changes in the development of children and youths. That’s the reason I do what I do.”

Aminah oversees LAA’s strategic direction and operations. Under her leadership, LAA which started with a cohort of 200 children, now has an annual intake of more than 500 students striving towards a graded accreditation in the genre of their choice.

Prior to her appointment, Aminah was the Principal and Director of her own childcare centre and headed a local kindergarten. With over eight years of experience in the Early Childhood Industry, she was instrumental in developing and implementing an integrated curriculum that balances academic and holistic development. She has successfully implemented a Project Approach into the curriculum, enabling children to learn and apply problem solving skills.

Prior to joining the Early Childhood Industry, she was with SingTel’s Corporate Communications department handling local and international media.

Nor Azizah Abdullah
Manager, Arts & Community Development

“This transition towards digital literacy is a growing focus for us. We would like to impart digital and technological skills to the children, which will be very valuable to them as they grow older.”

Since taking on a managerial role at The RICE Company Limited, Azizah has consistently pushed to keep the curriculum current and on par with the Singaporean art scene. Having previously worked in the education field, Azizah now engages with the school’s trainers to tailor the curriculum for LAA’s children. In an ever-advancing society, Azizah sees great potential within the combination of technology and art- introducing modern technologies such as augmented reality, and projection mapping into LAA’s performances and exhibitions.

Having been involved in the Singaporean arts industry for over 10 years, Azizah’s passion for and commitment to the arts has enabled her to contribute to shaping the next generation of Singaporean artists. Prior to her position as a manager, Azizah worked as an executive member in LAA, frequently liaising with stakeholders and partners on CSR initiatives.

Executive, Arts & Community Development

Illiani is a former visual arts trainer and also an active member of a classical traditional Malay vocal troupe. Trained in the arts since young, she has experience working in the arts industry for more than a decade. As a singer, dancer, actor and arts facilitator, Illiani believes that art is meaningful and makes a significant difference to every life. Hence, she seeks to develop the creativity of children and youth through arts exposure and ignite their passion for the arts.

Executive, Arts & Community Development

Alexis is currently working as a programme executive at The Little Arts Academy (LAA), which is managed by TRCL. With years of professional experience in different industries, she has developed good interpersonal skills by working with people from all walks of life. Armed with a counselling degree, Alexis is able to build and maintain good interpersonal relationships on a foundation of warmth, understanding, and genuine support. In particular, she is very interested in working with children and youths.

Having previously worked in the education industry, Alexis believes that it is important that children learn by engaging in dramatic and active play. She believes that exploration of the arts will set children up for a lifetime as learners, problem solvers, and artists.

At LAA, she oversees the theatre and music curriculum. Additionally, she sees the potential to infuse digital technologies into both genres to expand and create more performing opportunities. She is also an avid learner and believes it is extremely important to constantly keep the curriculum updated and relevant in the ever-changing world.  With her diverse experience and expertise, Alexis hopes to bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to the LAA programmes.

Shazna Sim
Executive, Arts & Community Development

Shazna began her journey as a 10 Square Youth Student in 2017. She was involved in various performances and roles. Her talents include acting, dancing, and stage & arts management. Following the first three months of training as a Theatre student, she was selected by the trainer and director to be part of the main cast and was sent to Shenzhen, China to perform. For her graduation project in December 2017, Shazna was tasked as a scriptwriter, production manager, and lead actress of Damai Lane part 2.

In 2018, Shazna was appointed president of the alumni group, The Middleground Productions. During her term as president, she wrote, managed, executed, and performed in a total of four alumni productions. In the same year, she returned to 10 Square Youth to help guide and mentor students on production & stage management. Overall, Shazna has worked on more than 15 productions between 2017 to 2019 with 10 Square Youth.

Proceeding the 1.5 years Shazna worked as a pre-school drama teacher, she returned to TRCL as a full-time staff member. She is known for her ability to relate and connect with youths, and it is this closeness which has proven to be very useful in building a good relationship with them. Her experience in various art forms and art management thus far has made this a delightful journey. She hopes to continue to inspire her peers through her hard work and determination.