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Aminah Hussien
Head, The Little Arts Academy

“I have often been asked why I chose to work at The Little Arts Academy. Simply – it is the sense of satisfaction that comes with the knowledge that one has made a difference in someone’s life. I believe arts is a social leveler. I have seen how arts has brought positive changes in the development of children and youths. That’s the reason I do what I do.”

Aminah oversees LAA’s strategic direction and operations. Under her leadership, LAA which started with a cohort of 200 children, now has an annual intake of more than 500 students striving towards a graded accreditation in the genre of their choice.

Prior to her appointment, Aminah was the Principal and Director of her own childcare centre and headed a local kindergarten. With over eight years of experience in the Early Childhood Industry, she was instrumental in developing and implementing an integrated curriculum that balances academic and holistic development. She has successfully implemented a Project Approach into the curriculum, enabling children to learn and apply problem solving skills.

Prior to joining the Early Childhood Industry, she was with SingTel’s Corporate Communications department handling local and international media.


Nor Azizah Abdullah
Manager, Arts & Community Development

“From the most well-behaved children to the mischievous ones, I have seen the children achieved something in their chosen genre and this motivates me to keep them going.”

Azizah loves children and enjoys working with them. Azizah’s experience with LAA has made her realise the transformative powers of the arts. In Azizah’s time with LAA, she has seen how children of different temperaments and from all walks of life have benefitted greatly from the programme.

Previously, she was a visual arts trainer in several primary schools and now works with trainers at LAA to tailor its curriculum for children. Working at LAA gives her the best of both worlds – being able to work with young children and at the same time pursuing her love for the arts.


Seah Jo Lyn
Assistant Manager, Arts & Community Development (Youth)

Jo Lyn is the Assistant Manager for The RICE Company Ltd and she leads the youth division programme, 10 Square. Her passion for working with young people envelops this opportunity to plan and implement arts programmes, engage with arts trainers through weekly classes, collaborate with stakeholders and partners on CSR initiatives, stage productions, and much more.

Before this portfolio, Jo Lyn was the primary executor of events for Global Cultural Alliance, a subsidiary of The RICE Company Ltd. She brought with her many years of experience in the events management Industry and was involved with numerous projects local and international projects, which includes Spotlight Singapore Mexico City, Urban Culture Asia, Shortcut Dreams and the list goes on.

Jo Lyn’s previous work experience includes being part of the production crew for The Lion King, Production assistant for the Marina Bay Sands, Front of House coordinator of various concerts at Fort Canning Hill, and Artist Liaison at Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix.


Charlene Chew
Executive, Arts & Community Development

Charlene graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts Photography from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2014 and has since been involved in the arts industry. Prior to working at the Academy, Charlene has worked as an art instructor and speech and drama teacher which allows her to channel her love for working with children.

Charlene has worked and travelled with youths to countries such as Nepal, Philippines and Indonesia on missions to help the children in need. During these trips, she taught arts and crafts to open up the minds of children to the world of creativity and arts.

Charlene has also participated in many school musical productions, both in primary and secondary school. She has also been served as a worship leader/vocalist in her church since 2010. She does vocal training for youths and has participated in many local church musical productions.


Executive, Arts & Community Development

Illiani is a former visual arts trainer and also an active member of a classical traditional Malay vocal troupe. Trained in the arts since young, she has experience working in the arts industry for more than a decade. As a singer, dancer, actor and arts facilitator, Illiani believes that art is meaningful and makes a significant difference to every life. Hence, she seeks to develop the creativity of children and youth through arts exposure and ignite their passion for the arts.


Emily Boo
Executive, Arts & Community Development

Emily has worked in Mediacorp and this has given her the exposure to the arts industry in Singapore. Emily loves children and  enjoys working at LAA where she gets to work alongside them daily.